12 de marzo de 2011

cronica de la afterparty de los grammys

Esperanza WHO? Arcade WHAT? The “Never Heard of It” 2011 Grammys caused much chaos and commotion due to awards being given to artists that did not have the “popular” vote (think the 2000 elections). I believe that the Grammy voters and the Obamas – watch here - had it right in picking her over the Biebs as Best New Artist (yes I did listen to her entire album: Chamber Music Society).

The 90210 mansion decked out in Nivea blue & the “Look Like You Give A Damn” slogan.
Like the unexpected results of the Grammys, I had no idea what I was getting into when I drove to Beverly Hills to attend Nivea For Men’s 5.0 Grammys Afterparty. With parties in LA, Las Vegas, Dallas and at Sundance already under their belts, the folks at Nivea For Men continued their Look Like You Give A Damn series with a spectacular celebration of the Grammys at a private Beverly Hills mansion perched high above the valley. With shuttles running nonstop from a parking lot near the Hilton to the manse on a precariously narrow road, traffic slowed to a glacial pace. That being said, those who came early (as told many a time by the party planners) enjoyed a swift and easy entrance into the mansion. The next day I heard that A-list celebrities like Akon, Kanye West, Diddy and even the Biebs himself were turned away from the party by the LAPD, surprisingly capable of doing their job and not being starstruck. When a police helicopter circles above the party and Grammy winners are being turned away, the caliber of the party spoke for itself.
The limitless cupcake table and main floor, filled with guests and celebrities.
The “manscaping” area as it was coined throughout the night, with hot shaves & haircuts.
With the Look Like You Give A Damn slogan in different sizes, shapes and colors lit up and positioned all over the property, I knew I was in for a party made for a real man. Two steps in and I found myself staring at an alcove with bright lights, barber chairs, tatted-up barbers and the sight of an old fashioned hot shave commencing, all from The Proper Barbershop. Unfortunately I had shaved beforehand and every time I ventured over for a haircut, the line was always over an hour. It wasn’t meant to be for me, but I knew the lucky guys in the chairs were having an awesome time.
The infinity pool looking out onto LA with the “Look Like You Give A Damn” slogan.
A first for me to witness: an informative tequila tasting booth, pretty ingenious.
Omelettes and crepes at 2AM? Yes, please!
Pass the cupcake table that never got empty and the live band area, I walked outside to one of two patios to find the dj, amazing lights and sound, a tequila tasting booth, Coca-Cola/Honest Tea stations and my favorite part of the first floor: the omelette/crepe station. What better to represent the “First Annual Grammy Breakfast Club” that was scheduled to stay popping until 5 in the morning(that, I don’t know, because I left by oh-so-early 2:30AM) than lots of carbs and early morning chow, made fresh by master chefs.
The Red Bull VIP Lounge – BEFORE
The Red Bull VIP Lounge – AFTER
Downstairs at the lower patio were tens of seating arrangements and plenty of booze booths waiting for patrons to stop by and pick up a cocktail or two. I walked through the glass doors into what my friend Jon called the “Red Bull Lounge,” due to its large logos, buckets and buckets of red bull cans and a large bar in the back corner. This ended up becoming a VIP-only, reserved table area later in the evening that had all the celebrities (and some unknowns) partying it up like it was a Saturday night in Las Vegas. Here I bumped into Brandy, Ray J, Asher Roth and The Situation aka Mike Sorrentino.
Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino himself smiling with his fans.
Brandy herself enjoyed the lounge downstairs with her brother Ray J and table neighbor, Asher Roth.
My favorite moment of the evening was seeing LiLo herself for a split second before she ran out the front door with four bodyguards to get into her Audi SUV and “sped” off down the traffic hell that was Benedict Canyon (see photo here). Why she decided to come and then leave is up to debate. Did she get mobbed? Were there not enough celebrities there at the time? Or did she just not find her dealer friends? Considering the party was sponsored by Nivea for Men, maybe the gifting lounges didn’t appeal to her. Whatever the reason, it was a moment to remember to see the train wreck of Lindsay in living color.
Thanks, Nivea for Men, for all my swag!
Speaking of gifts, did I forget to say that the house was literally decorated in Nivea for Men swag? I think I scored enough shaving/hygiene care for over a year. Needless to say, I’m a happy camper and I cannot wait until the next soirée to come. Congratulations to the folks who worked so hard to pull this event off, it was an evening to remember.
-gmangoman a.k.a. hemang
More photos from the afterparty (link also on the sidebar) can be seen here: Nivea Grammys Afterparty

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