5 de febrero de 2012

BTK ~ Bill: Skyscraper


Fan: "@Bill: we have something in common!! We see the same moon everynight!! :-) Te quiero!"
Bill: "@Zendy: That´s right :-)"

Fan: Bill tenemos algo en común!! Vemos la misma luna cada noche!! :-)  Te quiero!
Bil: que bien :-)

Fan: "@Bill: Have you ever gotten stuck in an elevator before?"
Bill: "@Tam: No!!! Think I would freak out! You...?"

Fan: Bill alguna vez has quedado atascado en un ascensor?
Bill: No!!! Creo que me volvería loco! Y tu...?

Fan: "@Bill, how are you and your hand? Feels better? :* I´m going to make a tattoo soon ;)"
Tom: "@Adelya: Cool... where? On your arm?"

Fan: Bill que tal estas tu y tu mano? Mejor? Me voy a hacer un tatuaje pronto ;)
Tom: que guay... donde? En tu brazo?

Fan: "@Bill @Tom I know you´re never gonna read this but I feel like I owe you this one anyway. I just wanted to let you know that being a TH fan is the best thing that ever happened to me in my whole existence and I wanna thank you really badly for having made my day every single goddam day in the last five years. You saved my live in so many ways. I don´t even know where to start to explain. And no matter what will happen in my future, I feel like I´ll never be alone because I know you will always be "by my side". [...]"
Tom: "@Ginny: Thank you so much for your nice message! That means a lot to us!"

Fan: (dice que ser fan de tokio hotel es lo mejor que la a pasado, ellos hacen su vida más facil, la han salvado muchas veces. Y siente que nunca estará sola porque sabe que ellos estaran a su lado)
Tom: Muchas gracias por tu bonito mensaje! Significa mucho para nosotros!